December 30, 2017

#kissthiscancer #senekissesforjoni

Recently, Joni Rogers, the Senegence founder bravely shared her battle with breast cancer. We were encouraged to wear Kiss for a Cause LipSense today to show our support.

May God give Joni and her family the strength to "be more than a conquerer" in this fight 🙏💖

I'm wearing Kiss for a Cause outlined with Napa for...

December 26, 2017


Another contest pic which ends Dec 31st. Thanks for putting up with all my "wowing stripes" selfies 😉

Love this dark purple look I created yesterday😍 Merry Christmas everyone!🎄😇

Face: Dewy makesense foundation
Contour: Coffee AAA Makesense Foundation
Concealer: Candlelight Shadowsense
Eyes: Onyx, Garnet + Candlelight Shadowsense &...

November 11, 2017

Created this custom color by layering 3 different LipSense shades and loving it💕

(Face) Advanced Anti Aging Makesense in Suede
(Concealer) Shadowsense in Candlelight
(Cheeks) Blushsense in Cherry
(Brows) Shadowsense in Garnet + Onyx
(Eyes) Shadowsense in Garnet + Onyx + White Concealer
(Lips) Lipsense: 1 layer of Mauve Ice + 2 layers of Berry...

The purpose of using concealer is generally to neutralize dark areas on your face or to hide skin imperfections and/or discoloration. Color theory also teaches us that complementary colors cancel each other out – thus orange/yellow covers blue, violet/red covers green, and green covers red!

Below are a few makeup tips for concealing, which originate...

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