February 8, 2018

The Senegence line is made with botanical ingredients that's cruelty free. Makeup that's good for your skin.

(skincare) 3-in-1 Cleanser, Nangai Oil and Climate Control

(face) Dewy AAA Makesense Foundation
(highlight) Pearlizer AAA Makesense
(contour) Coffee AAA Makesense
(cheeks) Cherry Blushsense
(brows) Garnet + Onyx Shadowsense
(eyes) Ga...

February 5, 2018

Created this custom color today and I love it💕💖

*(face) Suede AAA Makesense Foundation + Medium CC Tinted Moisturizer
*(highlight) Fawn AAA Makesense
*(contour) Coffee AAA Makesense
*(cheeks) Cherry Blushsense
*(brows) Black Lashsense w Undersense
*(eyes) Garnet + Onyx Shadowsense & Starry Sky Eyesense Shimmer
*(lips) Kiss for a Cause + Mau...

January 17, 2018

MOTD (all Senegence products used)

Tonia is wearing

*Golden Tan Advanced Anti-Aging Makesense Foundation

*Black Lashsense

*Cherry Blushsense

*Sassy Z Lipsense

I'm wearing

*Dewy Advanced Anti-Aging Makesense Foundation

*Garnet + Onyx Shadowsense

*Cherry Blushsense

*Kathy's Kisses Lipsense (discontinued color)


LipSense individual lips photo...

January 4, 2018

Ombre lips using Mauve Ice and Napa LipSense

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♡face  Advanced Anti-Aging Makesense F...

December 26, 2017


Another contest pic which ends Dec 31st. Thanks for putting up with all my "wowing stripes" selfies 😉

Love this dark purple look I created yesterday😍 Merry Christmas everyone!🎄😇

Face: Dewy makesense foundation
Contour: Coffee AAA Makesense Foundation
Concealer: Candlelight Shadowsense
Eyes: Onyx, Garnet + Candlelight Shadowsense &...

December 15, 2017


My wowing stripes for another contest entry: Berry, Kiss for a Cause and Sassy Z. Hearts are Starry Sky Shimmer, Garnet Shadowsense and Coffee AAA Makesense Foundation. Hand drawn background by me 💋

Face: Dewy AAA Makesense Foundation
Cheeks: Cherry Blushsense
Brows/Eyes: Garnet + Onyx Shadowsense
Lips: Mauve Ice + Napa +...

December 14, 2017

#RingLightRaffle #MakeUpBrushCleanerContest
Wearing my wowing stripes: Kathy's Kisses, Kiss for a Cause and Napa with Shadowsense dots in Onyx, Garnet and Candlelight.

LipSense individual lips photo credit: @PERPETUALPUCKER

 Individual ShadowSense Eye photo credit: @LOVEYOURLIPSWITHSIARA

Visit my YouTube channel, Beauty that Doesn't Fade with Elsamari...

December 5, 2017

Creating my own hand drawn backgrounds. It's my modernized take on Gustav Klimpt. He'd paint pictures of women with elaborate abstracted backgrounds using gold and paints.

(Face) Advanced Anti-Aging Makesense Foundation in Suede
(Highlight) Suede AAA Makesense + White Concealer premixed
(Cheeks) Blushsense in Cherry
(Eyes) Shadowsense in Cand...

December 2, 2017

My gorgeous customer turned business partner. The lovely Lana wearing Lipsense in Dark Pink. Love doing business with friends💖

Get her look:
(PRIMER) Seneserum C, Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer
(FACE) Advanced Anti-aging Makesense in Dewy
(EYES) Onyx Shadowsense as eyeliner
Granite and Sandstone Pearl Shadowsense on lids
(LIPS) Dark Pink Lipsens...

November 11, 2017

Created this custom color by layering 3 different LipSense shades and loving it💕

(Face) Advanced Anti Aging Makesense in Suede
(Concealer) Shadowsense in Candlelight
(Cheeks) Blushsense in Cherry
(Brows) Shadowsense in Garnet + Onyx
(Eyes) Shadowsense in Garnet + Onyx + White Concealer
(Lips) Lipsense: 1 layer of Mauve Ice + 2 layers of Berry...

November 9, 2017

So happy my two favorite, limited edition colors, Goddess and Sassy Z, have been added to the permanent line of LipSense colors!

Tonia is wearing:

(Lips) LipSense in Goddess + Glossy Gloss

(Face) Advanced Anti Aging Makesense Foundation in Golden Tan

(Cheeks) BlushSense in Toasted Rose

(Lashes) LashSense with UnderSense in Black

I'm wearing:

(Lips)  LipS...

November 3, 2017

Layering 2 LipSense colors to create a new custom color. Message me to order or if you have any questions 😊

(Face) Advanced Anti Aging Makesense Foundation in Suede

(Cheeks) Blushsense in Cherry + Pouty Pink

(Brows / Eyes) Shadowsense in Onyx + Garnet

(Lips) Lipsense in 2 layers of Sassy Z + 1 layer of Mauve Ice + Glossy Gloss


October 28, 2017

Wearing the discontinued Berry LipSense. So far, it's my favorite shade for the fall season! So sad that SeneGence is not making more. Only 2 left, let me know if you want one.


(Face) Advanced Anti Aging Makesense Foundation in Suede

(Brows/Eyes) Garnet + Onyx Shadowsense

(Lips) Berry Lipsense + Glossy Gloss

#berrylipsense #lipsense #senegencecan...