How to Use Ooops! Remover



Not sure how to remove LipSense® properly? We’ll show you how to use our Ooops!™ Remover to either take off your LipSense® completely or to instantly correct a lip color application mistake.

Watch this quick, instructional Ooops! video to see how to properly use this product.


To instantly correct a mistake:


To fix a LipSense application error, simply take the Ooops! wand and gently rub the applicator on the area you want to erase. Then, wipe it clean with a tissue or cotton round. You may finish by reapplying your LipSense color in that area, if you need to.


To completely remove color:


Note, LipSense will be easier to remove if you have been wearing your color for a few hours. First, take a tissue or cotton round wetted with warm water, and wipe off any gloss you may have on. With your Ooops! wand, apply the product generously all over lips. Let Ooops! sit on your lips, on top of the color, for about 30 seconds. This gives the Ooops! formula time to help break down the color. With a tissue or cotton round wetted with warm water, begin to wipe the Ooops! and the color off. Repeat as needed to get every last bit of color removed. Finish by wiping lips clean with a damp cotton round. After removing your color, you may choose to follow with moisturizing LipSense Gloss, LipVolumizer or Lip Balm, to nourish lips and help them become even softer.


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