SeneDerm® Translucid Loose Powder


After applying creamy SenseCosmetics products, use natural SeneDerm Translucid Loose Powder to give your face a matte-finished, shine-free look. These powders blot shine while absorbing oil and perspiration and act as a mechanical shield to protect your skin throughout the day. This powder is so light – it is virtually unnoticeable to feel, but you will achieve a look that is polished, refined, and positively radiant.


Because the SeneDerm Translucid Powder is super fine, it does not build up in the wrinkles near your eyes as other powders do! The formula also includes anti-aging properties, antioxidants, and peptides to help reduce the presence of wrinkles.


Choose from Bronze Dust, Silver Rose, or Natural shades. Bronze Dust and Silver Rose are stunning shimmer shades, and Natural features a unique color technology to match a variety of complexions.

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