Tips for Concealing with SenseCosmetics


 The purpose of using concealer is generally to neutralize dark areas on your face or to hide skin imperfections and/or discoloration. Color theory also teaches us that complementary colors cancel each other out – thus orange/yellow covers blue, violet/red covers green, and green covers red!


Below are a few makeup tips for concealing, which originate from the eighth (8th) edition of our SeneBlends Beauty Guide:


Dark, Under-Eye Circles – Yellow combats blue tones, which include shadows and fine blood vessels near the skin’s surface. You can use any yellow-based MakeSense Foundations, ShadowSense shades, or Light/Medium/Deep Corrective Color Concealer. Go only one-half to one shade lighter than the dark under eye area, because using too light of a shade may produce a raccoon effect.


Dark Spots (Aging Spots) – Use a yellow-based MakeSense Foundation, Light/Medium/Deep Corrective Color Concealer, ShadowSense, or a blend of any these products.


Bruises – A Violet ShadowSense can be used as a concealer to help cover up yellow, brownish bruises, whereas the Green Corrective Concealer will cover up bluish-red bruises.


Acne, Red Blotchiness, or Rosacea – Use Green Corrective Concealer to counteract redness from inflammation, irritation, rosacea, etc. on your skin. If the blemish is raised or has a flaky scale over it, be careful to blend well enough so the green will not be noticeable.


Light, Medium, and Deep Corrective Color Concealers in the new formula are available to order NOW, with Green and White in new formula available to order soon.


Previous formula Natural, White and Green Concealers are still available to order, only while supplies last!



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