Which Land are You Living in: Desert or Breakthrough?

December 9, 2017

Sometimes I feel like a jumbled up puzzle with key pieces completely destroyed, since losing such an important person in my life. That's when I have to make the decision to start a brand new puzzle, with one catch, not knowing at all what the final picture looks like.


I find myself patiently waiting for certain areas of my life to fall into place, areas where I'm still in need of a breakthrough. But anxiously obsessing over it will not change my circumstance at all, only cause unnecessary stress, fighting thoughts like, "Where's God? Does He hear me? Does God care about me?" Focusing on what hasn't happened yet can distract me from seeing the joy in the present, so I've chosen to magnify every area that God has blessed in my life (the many testimonies of God's goodness, grace, and favor). It's developing a predisposition towards thankfulness opposed to covetousness. 


Gratefulness is one key for moving from the desert into your promise land. You can always live in breakthrough if you can recognize which areas of your life have broken through and be present there. So what's your testimonies, what are you thankful for?



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