Beauty Is Just a Concept

October 27, 2018

🌸 The following saying comes to mind, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I feel that our definition of beauty is directly formed by the filters we choose to accept. So is beauty really just a concept, an idea?

🌸 In my 20's, I struggled with anorexia, switched to differing strict diet fads & excessive daily workouts. At the time, I thought being a size 3 is what made me accepted & beautiful due to the fitness culture I was in. Now, had I been training to optimize my health or challenge myself it would have been for the right reasons. Unfortunately, I was pursuing training to give me my sense of worth. It's a sad, fleeting sense of security that's propelled by an ugly spirit of insecurity.

🌸 Today, popular dietary trends focus on strict limitations to achieve more slender and toned figures, whereas during the Renaissance period Ruebenesque artists were known for painting ravishing women who apparently enjoyed eating whatever they pleased. So which standard of physical beauty is correct?

🌸 It's a person's character that really draws me, their traits not their physical appearance that I find the most beautiful. I appreciate inner virtue & find the human spirit to be the most exquisite when it's not riddled with selfishness. Unselfish love, acceptance, courage, perseverance, and acts of kindness can color a grey world with moments of beauty, bringing hope when all we see is darkness. Jesus giving His life for me, filling me with His spirit is the most beautiful act of love I've personally experienced. I want to choose character over self-image, sacrifice over self-gain, giving over hoarding, cheering over envy & encouragement over hate. Isn't inner beauty easier to distinguish compared to the ever-changing blurred lines of external aesthetics?


💛 Let's shine our beauty from the inside out & incorporate a workout of our character not just our bodies in our daily routines.



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