Friendship: As Iron Sharpens Iron

November 9, 2018

📖 "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."


A new standard in our relationships can be set once we stop cutting off the weakest link of the team and choose to invest in them instead. Of course, its success is highly dependant on humble hearts and a willingness to grow, but our weakest links don't have to stay weak. I've come to a new realization that they are not in actuality "weak", they are just perfectly set up to have the largest growth and be the most improved.


Making the decision to help each other breakthrough, opens up an intimate opportunity to celebrate in one another's victories... when they win, we all win. Wouldn't we create a community mindset that looked out for the best interests of others, not a self-seeking focus on our own needs? A team building system thrives on unity, encouraging, supporting, celebrating, and believing in one another, whereas criticism, competition, division, gossip and envy are the detrimental actions of a self-centered group. Take a quick litmus test of your relationships to check which characteristics are most evident and in need of first aid.

I like how Dreamwork's The Penguins of Madagascar put it,

🐧 "We don't leave behind one of our own." 🐧

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