My View on Relationships

November 27, 2018

👫I'm about to get real with you & share my personal views on dating in hopes it will bring some encouragement. Please keep in mind that I am not calling other views right or wrong, it's just the lens I've chosen to see the world of dating through.


 💏 I was with my late husband for 22 years; kissed a lot of frogs before finding my prince. Since his passing over 3 years ago, I haven't dated once. Many factors lead to my resolution, but the one reason I'll share today is this fact: I don't want to go back into that world of taste testing. Some may consider it romantic ideals, I just call it being realistic. I find dating as a systematic process of elimination to be cold & calculating, so I've decided to change this equation. Instead of looking at men as candidates or possible spouse material, I've chosen to see the men in my life as possible friendships and deeper community. It's a mindset of loving others "as a person" not "as a possible spouse". I feel friendships allow the necessary time to know one another without any personal hidden agenda of fulfilling marriage hopes, just to simply appreciate another human being. My aim is knowing individuals intimately by their hearts, male or female, not making shallow friendships that only allow me a peek at their guarded surface. It's a privilege when they reveal their perceived ugliness expecting rejection & I can give acceptance instead.

💚 I prefer the word courtship over dating, where the main difference is intention, trial runs vs marriage. If I ever enter into courting, it will be the day I've found a faithful friend who I want to wake up & do everyday life with... on their best days and & their worst nights. Right now I'm content in my singleness as it gives me a unique opportunity to get prepared & repaired. In my late marriage, I realized this important lesson: My spouse can never truly MAKE me happy, that's not in his power, the choice is mine alone to choose to be happy. In this season of singleness, I've given God full permission to speak into my life, heal any broken areas and make me into the whole person Jesus gave His life for. I have found a God who loves me: on my best days and my worst nights💖.





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