Life Update: Christmas Reflections

December 27, 2018

🎄During all the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season I've been eager to steal away quiet moments of reflection and found myself getting caught up in old, sweet memories the holidays stirred up. I feel to share some of my thoughts and hope it will encourage those of you struggling with grief.


😇It's been said that it gets easier with each passing year after a loved one dies, unfortunately the ache has not disappeared; it's just ch

osen specific times to appear in full measure. Although with God's healing, grief is no longer my constant companion, it's just a visitor now. I pray God will heal your hearts as well and His love can be your constant companion. It's been three years already, but I found this Christmas especially difficult. As much fun as the gatherings are, it always feels like something is missing for the kids and I. The gathering of loved ones seems to magnify Scott's absence.


📷Whatever we focus on, we empower... we want to focus on memories of Scott's presence instead of his absence. So today, we decided as a family it is time to begin a scrapbook album dedicated to all the funny, memorable moments we had together with Scott. When we're at a gathering and a memory comes up we can add it to that album and celebrate him. Maybe that's why one of the values I hold in our community is that everyone deserves to be celebrated. Right now, it may feel like a huge "pause" button has been pressed over our lives, but the truth is... it will resume again one day when we meet in heaven.


💰It's boxing day & instead of hunting for deals for what we want next, I decided to sit on the couch, still in my pajamas and reflect on all the riches gained this past year. I'm thankful for God's love, grace, healing & provision shown through our supportive family & our growing community. I'm thankful for our health and the strengthening bonds between my children and I. I want to capture all of this goodness and have it as a foundation to build next year upon. What are you thankful for?



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