Let Peace Rule

January 22, 2019

Let Peace Rule


When striving is the driving force behind my actions, I find I'm outside of peace. An indicator that I'm straining in my flesh is the presence of impatience. I find I lack grace for any detours or delays, especially when I want to make things happen a predetermined way, according to my own timetable. My thoughts, my words, coated with anxiousness, drip with animosity towards any suggestion posed opposite to my intentions. I can become short tempered, easily offended, and argumentative... I can assure you, it's not pleasant to be around.



⏳ In the past, I've tried varying methods of chasing this elusive tranquility: drinking, food, partying, strenuous workouts, complaining to friends, and working overtime. Unfortunately these only served as distractions, temporary escapes from my looming circumstances. As soon as I was alone and still, stress & anxiety were ready to join my thoughts.




🤴 Through meditation and my spiritual walk, I've found freedom in finally letting go of this control. I've discovered peace is not just a feeling, a fleeting sense of security, it's a secret place I can run to amidst of the storms. There is a Prince of Peace, Jesus, who I can walk in stillness with through this winding journey, who makes peace a habitation, not a visitation.


📖 (Colossians 3:15 NKJV)

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts"

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