Jehovah Jireh: The Lord Will Provide

July 24, 2019

👶 In 2004, the birth of our second child led Scott & I into prayer seeking direction for this new season. During prayer, we felt peace about Scott taking parental leave from work. We felt not to tell anyone about our needs during this time & trust God. We had an opportunity: learn a facet of God’s nature, Jehovah Jireh, which means “The Lord will provide”. Just as Elijah trusted God to feed him meat by ravens during a time of drought (1 Kings 17:2-6), we'd grow trusting God as our provider.


🛒 I remember taking out the last piece of meat to cook. Realizing our limited cash flow, I told Scott our predicament, we prayed & thanked God for His care. Then our friends, Brian & Darrell, called asking if we needed any meat (remember, we hadn’t told anyone except God about our needs). They'd purchased an organic bison with their father, had way too much & we came to mind. They came over, filled up our deep freeze & it lasted until the end of Scott’s leave. Not only did God provide, He knew I liked cooking with many different kinds of cuts & He gave us the best, healthy kind of meat.


🍕 Another time, a couple of friends were over & wanted to order in pizza. Knowing we only had enough money to cover our bills, I assumed Scott would politely decline, instead he agreed. The sad truth was, I didn’t want to pay for a tip/delivery fee, so I offered to take the kids out in the stroller & pick it on the way.


As I went, I complained bitterly to God saying, “Why? Don’t they understand our situation? Why couldn’t Scott say no?”


Immediately, God’s still, small voice interrupted my thoughts sternly, “It’s time for you to practice what you preach.”


I realized I had stepped out of trust into worry, so I repented. Upon arrival, the pizza server apologized profusely, wondering how our whole order had fallen in the garbage can. If I'd wait until the new order was ready, they'd cover the entire bill. I ran all the way home with the stroller, pizza & a huge, silly grin plastered across my face. To our friend's amazement, I returned their money & shared how God provided yet again.

📖“He has given food to those who fear Him; He will ever be mindful of His covenant.” (Ps111:5)


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